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System Solutions for Audi A4/A5

Alpine have introduced a premium Infotainment system designed exclusively for the A4 (Model Year 2007-2015) and A5 (Model Year 2007-2016)

The X701D-A4R gives Audi owners access to the latest media compatibility, cutting-edge navigation technology and Alpine’s audiophile sound quality. All system components are designed to fit perfectly in existing installation locations and integrate fully with the vehicle’s electronic systems.

audi a5 alpline2audi a5 alpline1

Perfect System Integration

It requires extensive research and detailed understanding of the vehicle to design a Head Unit that perfectly integrates with the vehicle’s electronic systems. The X701D-A4R is fully compatible with the Audi A4 / A5 steering wheel control buttons and the multi-information display in the instrument cluster to maintain all important vehicle functions.


Alpine Control Panel

The original audio control panel is replaced by an Alpine panel that allows direct access to audio sources, navigation, rear view camera and more. It is designed to integrate perfectly into your vehicle’s dashboard.


High Resolution Touch Screen

The 7-inch (17.8cm) high-resolution display allows full operation of the system via touch-screen technology and features the latest video technology for outstanding picture clarity, contrast and resolution. This allows navigation maps to be displayed in stunning detail, while movies or video clips become a real cinematic experience. The user interface is very intuitive and is designed to perfectly integrate into your vehicle. You’ll soon appreciate the ease of use and convenience of direct touch operation in your Audi.


Built-in Bluetooth® Technology

The built-in Bluetooth® module allows wireless connection of a mobile phone for hands-free communication, while frequent software updates ensure full compatibility with the latest phones. A very intuitive user interface makes it very easy to operate and also includes a speed dial function for the most frequently called numbers. Bluetooth® also enables audio streaming from the phone: audio content or even internet radio can be wirelessly transferred to the unit.


Premium Sound Quality

Alpine is known worldwide for excellent sound quality. Our audio specialists engineered the X701D-A4R with the greatest attention to detail — from selection of high-grade components to precision audio tuning — to deliver a truly high-end sound experience for your Audi. The system also offers many sound adjustment functions such as digital time correction and professional equalisation to allow users to adjust the system to their own preferences.

Driver_Assistance_Air_Condition_LIMO Driver_Assistance_Air_Parking_LIMO

Driver Assistance

Since the Alpine system is fully connected to the vehicle’s electronic system, you can get many additional functions on the main screen such as parking sensor display, air condition and heater settings, seat heating settings and many more (depends on original equipment).


One Look Display

Our innovative “One Look” split-screen technology allows the driver to view the navigation map and audio playback information at one glance. This eliminates the need to switch between different applications. You can switch from full screen to One Look view with just a swipe on the display. This function is especially useful on long highway trips.


3D Maps

View maps in 3D with detailed buildings and landmarks. This feature helps you to better orientate yourself in big cities. Speed restriction display and speed camera warnings (not available in France) give you further driving assistance.


Points of Interest

You can easily search for POIs by category, name, distance and other criteria. This is very helpful when looking for a specific restaurant franchise or a specific gas station brand nearby. Restaurant information includes the phone number next to the address and food type – with a quick tap on the screen you can call ahead and reserve a table.


TMC Route Guidance

Lane Guidance lets the driver know which is the best lane to be in, while Dynamic TMC Route Guidance provides live traffic information for avoiding traffic jams and recalculates the route if necessary.


Advanced Address Input

You can input postal codes for all European countries, including 7-digit UK codes, which makes searching for addresses quicker. The system even reads partial addresses. Select your own language from 33 different keypads, including Cyrillic and Greek.

Important Navigation Features

Extensive map database of 48 European countries
Map updates can be purchased at any time online through naviextras.com
Updates can be purchased by country and by region
This saves cost by updating only what is necessary.
Address search with postcode input (including 7-digit UK postcodes)
Smart routes: the system database stores historic traffic patterns and uses them to choose the best route depending on the time of day and day of week
High-resolution maps

Free map update within 30 days after first usage

Within 30 days after the installed unit’s first GPS fix, you can go to www.naviextras.com to check if there is a map update available and download it free of charge. This ensures that you have the latest map data after purchase.

2015 Mitsubishi L200 with DRLs

Recently, a customer came in requiring daytime running lights for his 2015 Mitsubishi L200 Pick-up. With it being such a big vehicle, we had a challenge on our hands. We installed a set of ‘halo’ daytime running lights in the front bumper, and this is the result.



As you can see, when the headlights are turned on, the daytime running lights turn into a halo, dimming them and drawing more attention to the headlights. When the headlights aren’t on, then the lights revert to a 4-bulb LED system, as pictured below.


DSC_0604They look so good, you would think they were fitted in the factory.


If you are interested in these, or anything else that you have seen on our website, then do not hesitate to contact us, where we will be more than willing to help with your enquiries!

2011 Vauxhall Astra

This 2011 Vauxhall Astra, complete with the new interior layout, came in for a head unit change.


The customer required a double din head unit that connected to an iPhone, allowing maps, music playback and hands free calling. All of this was possible through a double din screen. We sold a Pioneer SPH-DA120 unit, which uses Apple Car Play. This device incorporates all of the above requirements, whilst maintaining a professional, factory-fitted look.

We were also able to acquire the correct wiring harness, which allowed connection to the factory screen. This allowed the screen to display the Pioneer logo, making it look even more professional. The correct fascia was also acquired, and this made the screen sit flush within the dashboard.

Here are the results:




notice how the new fascia looks so factory, that you would have thought that the car was installed with this upon manufacture.

If you are interested in this, or anything else that we have posted on the website, then do not hesitate to contact us!

Land Rover Discovery 2015

We recently had a 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport in the workshop to have Rosen headrest DVD players installed. Here are the results.


Rosen Twin DVD Headrest


They look so good, that they look factory fitted. We were able to match the colour of the leather seats using colour swatches, and then installed these so they look exactly the same as the factory fitted headrests. The screens use wireless headphones, and as well as DVD compatibility, have a built in games console.

If you think this would look good in your car, or for any more queries regarding this, do not hesitate to contact us!

Land Rover Defender 2009


Customer Case Study:

Requiring a reversing camera and a head unit with SatNav and DAB, to be fitted into his 2009 Land Rover Defender.

LR Def Front

This vehicle had all the factory OE units installed, and the challenges we faced was the location of the camera, and how to adapt the dashboard to allow a double DIN screen

This is the original system that was installed into the dash:


A panel was ordered to accommodate the new space for the bigger head unit.

On the left is the new double DIN panel, modified to create the space for the bigger head unit, and on the right is the original panel. Notice how a few of the buttons, such as the window buttons, the heated seat buttons and the air conditioning switch have already been moved across.


We then moved the dial surrounds into the new panel, as well as the window heater controls from the top row of buttons. Also moved the vents and the clock, so the panel would look like this:


Next, the radio needed holding into this surround. Metal panels were attached using screws, and then the new head unit. The customer chose (with our guidance) a Pioneer AVIC-F60DAB, as this all-in-one unit has Apple CarPlay, Sat-Nav, Bluetooth, and Digital Radio.


Now with everything in place, the other issue was where to put the leftover buttons from the top of the dash, below the clock and the vents on the top. The double din panel came with another panel that did the job perfectly. To the right of the front of the dash, there is a part of replaceable trim that was replaced, and this was the result:


Notice how the buttons, including the hazard switch, have been moved into this clever little panel just to the left of the steering wheel.

The next challenge was placing the reversing camera. With the Defender being designed for pure off-road usage, it would prove difficult to find a solid location for the camera. We decided to make use of the original pre drilled holes.

Photo 11-03-2015 12 08 33

DSC_0554 (2)

The camera has been placed and secured into one of the original holes in the back of the car. This makes it look factory fitted, and virtually unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

So, with everything in place, it was time to put the finishing touches to the job, and slot the radio into the dashboard. Here’s the finished result:




Notice how everything fits in as well as it being factory. The microphone has been fitted on top of the dash, so the Bluetooth hands-free function can be used with the best sound and reception.


This is the image from the reversing camera. Notice how the placement of the camera allows it to be obstruction free, and give the customer the best possible view when reversing.

We recently upgraded all the lights on the vehicle, added DRL to the front as well as LED bulbs all round. Even Parking Sensors look discreet.

Must admit, helps improve the driving experience as well as the overall look of the vehicle.

Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 15 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 17 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 20 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 22 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 24 Hard to notice the subtle parking sensors! Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 30 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 32 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 35 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 36 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 39 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 41 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 44 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 45 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 48 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 50 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 52 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 54 Photo 16-12-2015, 11 17 56

If you have a Land Rover Defender, or would like a built in Sat Nav with reversing camera in your own car, then contact us on 01923 231 358, or visit us in the shop to discuss the options.

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Crash for Cash - Dont be a Victim

The crime of the ‘crash for cash’ scheme has increased rapidly over the past year, and this problem has caused many people to have to pay out on their insurance for something that wasn’t their fault. The trick of braking heavily in front of the victim, to make it appear like the victim has driven into the back of the perpetrator has become more common.

There is a way to prove these people are brought to justice and  to save on your insurance premiums at the same time!

Here at Impulse, we sell three different levels of in-car accident witness cameras. Depending on your price range, we have a camera that can support your budget.


Good! – Silent Witness SW010 Front Facing In-Car Camerasw010

This little beauty is very good for people on a budget. With a 1.5″ screen on the back, you can watch back incidents instantly. Alternatively, you can connect this to a screen via HDMI for high quality output. It can swivel, with a viewing angle of 120°, so it captures a big area. It supports up to 32gb of memory, which gives you peace of mind and saves you having to change the SD card on every journey. Another handy feature is the built in speaker and microphone, to hopefully prevent that pesky road rage. The device can be charged via a 12V port (Cigar Lighter socket) in the car, or ask in-store to have it professionally fitted, and hard-wired into your car’s wiring.


Better! – Road Angel Halo Front & Rear In-Car Camera Set

The next level is the Road Angel Halo. Again, like the Silent Witness, it uses HD technology to record high quality video and audio automatically and instantly. The Halo comes with a rear camera, so it gives you both angles of vision. The device can also be left on in parking mode, so it will record if your vehicle is hit while parked. The device also uses a SD car facility, and can support up to 32gb of memory. A smart set of cameras, the interface installs on any standard laptop and is very easy to use and set up, as it comes with the product on a handy little memory stick.


Best! – Mi-Witness HD In-Car Camera Range


Now, the reason you’re really here. The mac daddy of in-car accident cameras, the Mi-Witness HD range uses 720p HD technology to film from both the front and the rear cameras, and the same as the previous two, will record on a continuous loop. However, there is the added convenience of connecting to your smartphone via an app and bluetooth/wi-fi, and viewing the camera LIVE, or setting up the options. The rear camera is tiny, and tucks away discreetly in any vehicle. The camera is heat resistant up to 90°C, which also makes it a good device to take abroad with you on those really long drives. The Mi-Witness HD supports up to 64gb of memory, which gives it even more longevity than it’s competitors. It comes as standard with an 8gb class 10 SD card to start.

Key Cloning on the Increase!

With 2015 only a few days old, the new crime wave sweeping the country is the steep increase in key cloning, using techniques such as OBD manipulation. We reported on this in October, but since then, the problem has increased incredibly.

This report from the Evening Standard this morning (Fri, January 16th) shows the true extent of how this problem has greatly increased.

Police officers in one of country’s wealthiest areas ordered to stop ALL drivers of prestige vehicles after midnight following huge spike in ‘hacking’ thefts of luxury 4x4s 

CCTV captured one brazen thief who casually clicking open the lock systems of a Range Rover, worth £85,000, before driving away demonstrates the ease with which criminals are stealing the luxury vehicles.

In another case, property developer Laura van Bilderbeek, 38, had her BMW estate stolen from outside her home on Ormonde Gate in Chelsea last month.

Scotland Yard says thefts of Range Rovers now make up 10 per cent of all ‘keyless’ thefts in the capital – while BMW makes up 15 per cent of the total.

You can prevent these attacks happening on your car.

The ADR card alarm/immobiliser (as we reported in October) is the way forward to prevent against key cloning theft. The card, which conveniently attaches to your keys, sends a passive signal to the car which tells it that the original keys are being used. So if this card isn’t present with the keys, then the car will not open.

This will prevent cloned key entry, because the cloned key will not have the ADR card to confirm the identity of the key.

If you are worried about key theft, then the card can also be stored somewhere else for your peace of mind,

For more information on this subject, or to speak to us about anything related, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Vauxhall Insignia custom DRL



BMW Z4 (E89) Rear Sensors

By looking at the back of the bumper you wouldn’t of guessed we fitted the Cobra Flush mount sensor kit. It just looks so standard, like OE factory fitted ones.



BMW F25 Parking Assist Camera

On this BMW 5 Series F25 the mission was to install factory style reversing camera.

We installed a reversing camera so that the system now displays fully automatically when selecting reverse on your infotainment system (screen).








Perfect installation, perfect results.

Upgrade your mk2 Focus?

Do you own a Ford Focus, and are looking at upgrades to your music quality?


do you own one of these?

I own a 2009 Ford Focus with the rounded head unit, and the factory speakers. I was looking for a complete upgrade, at a mid-range budget. I was looking for DAB to improve the quality of my radio, and listen to more obscure stations (I like my rock and punk music). I was also looking for a system to back this up, making my sound more intense and better quality, but on a tight budget.


this is what my interior looks like – the Focus mk2.5 dashboard (I have the right hand drive model)

Well this is the way I did it, and it sounds much more improved. Here are the steps I took to improve the sound quality:-

Step One – Improve your head unit, putting in bluetooth and DAB radio.

Step Two – Improve your overall sound by installing speakers.

Step Three – Enhance the sound through those speakers with an amplifier.

Step Four – Improve the depth of the sound with a bass sub-woofer.

Each of these steps is optional, and can all be installed individually depending on budget and situation.

Step One – a New Head Unit

The Pioneer AVH-X3600DAB is the head unit I chose. It has DAB radio, the capability to play DVD’s, and will connect to a mobile phone via bluetooth, even streaming music via the phone. There is also a connection to a smart phone which will allow you to control your music and charge your phone at the same time. It also has an AUX connection for any other audio device.

Pioneer AVH-X3600DAB

Pioneer AVH-X3600DAB – an excellent mid-range double din unit

The screen itself is colour, 6.1″, and the reason I chose it was for the ease of use, and the ability to play DVDs as well as connect to my mobile phone. The ability to control my phone completely without looking at the actual phone was a huge selling point. Also, with a new fascia trim at the front of the car, the screen looked very stylish in the curved style dashboard.

Next if you are looking to add enhanced sound to your car, and the head unit just isn’t enough, then speakers would be the next option.

Step Two – Speakers

hertz speakers

Hertz co-axial speakers, for both the front and rear.

To support a strong sounding head unit, you need a strong sounding set of speakers. These Hertz co-axial speakers produce a strong, sharp range of sound, and upgrade the existing speakers in the car very well. The crisp sound also supports the head unit, and produces 140W of power. With both the front and the rears supporting each other well, and being the same type of speaker, allows for a sharp, fluid sound for whatever type of music you listen to.

I chose these because for mid-range, they a good quality, and make a good sharp sound when listening to my music. They work well with the head unit, but also work very well with the existing factory head unit, giving the overall sound a crisper, sharper tone. For the Focus, all four (front and rear) speakers are 6.5″ in size.

You can leave it there, or even install the speakers instead of the head unit, as they will work with the factory head unit.

If you are looking to make the head unit and the speakers sound even better, even more powerful and clearer at higher volumes then the next stage would be an amplifier.

Step Three – Amplifier

Alpine PMX-F640

The Alpine PMX-F640 – the perfect support amplifier for all parts of the system.

As amplifiers go, the PMX-F640 by Alpine is perfect for this situation. A max output of 640W will support the four speakers in the car, and enhance the sound at the same time. The amplifier supports Bass EQ, which will make your bass sound more powerful through those co-axial speakers.

Step Four – Sub-Woofer

Edge EDB10 v2

With this tough, lightweight sub-woofer in the boot, your sound will get a lot deeper. A fantastic bass box which runs at 750W peak power, and a secret channel to hide all of that pesky wiring. The compact design also makes it easy to store, and it can sit at the back of your boot without causing any space issues. There’s also no issue of overheating, as it uses Anodized extruded Aluminium to improve cooling.

Is this the sound system you are looking for on your budget? The amplified speakers will make the sharp sound of Digital Radio sound even sharper, and the sub-woofer will make it sound even deeper, and give an all-round high quality sound to your Ford Focus.

Written by Dean, trainee engineer

LR Discovery 3 - Radio & Camera







Pioneer SPH-DA120


The SPH-DA120 better known as the AppRadio 4; lets you enjoy all the benefits of smartphone connectivity in your car. Run smartphone apps, listen to your favourite music, watch videos or photos, and charge your battery on the go. The SPH-DA120 also supports AppRadio, CarPlay, MirrorLink and other connectivity solutions like Bluetooth wireless streaming.

With the all new SPH-DA120 you are always connected.

job 2164




Improved Touch Screen Interface

touch screen logo

The SPH-DA120 has a simple, improved user interface that makes it more intuitive and easy-to-use like your smartphone. Thanks to its large, 6.2-inch capacitive touch screen you will also enjoy smoother and safer operation on the go.

Wireless Audio

bt logo

If you prefer to listen to music wirelessly, you simply connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. Stream your favourite tunes without hassle and take control of compatible devices.

Voice Commands

voice commands

The improved Bluetooth module includes wide band speech for enhanced voice recognition. Use Siri Eyes Free or Google Voice to browse your contacts and call hands-free without taking your eyes off the road.

USB Support

usb ports

Play your favourite audio and video content effortlessly via one of the USB connection ports.

Vehicle Key Cloning

Last year nearly half of all London car break-ins used Vehicle Key Cloning techniques!

Modern vehicles often have a sophisticated alarm but are susceptible due to Key Cloning techniques such as OBD manipulation.

The cleaver people at Cobra have released the only Cloned Key Alarm/Immobiliser.

The Cobra ADR Card Alarm/Immobiliser gives your car keys a passive digital signature so no cloned key will start the car because the digital signature (ADR Card) needs to be present. Additionally, the cloned Key will not disarm the alarm which will sound when vehicle is presented with a cloned key, warning away the thief.

The ADR card on Cobra alarms (unlike CobraTrak ADR systems) can be conveniently attached to your vehicle key and works passively for your comfort and ease.

However if you would like to guard against key theft, then keep the ADR card separate to your car key and the system will automatically recognise the driver only when they have the ADR card in their possession.

For more information please contact us.

Cobra flush mounted sensors

audi cobra

Looks sooo good, you’d think they’re factory

If you love Radio, go Digital!


With the switch over to digital looming, DAB is certainly a top subject.

With lots of solutions on the market, the level of integration is very important to our customers. Here at Impulse, we pride ourselves on supplying the best solution for your vehicle.

digital img

Pop into our branch or call us for a chat

CarPlay now available!


Apple CarPlay Update Now Available with Firmware for Pioneer compatible Products

Pioneer becomes one of the first aftermarket manufacturers to support Apple CarPlay with the official release of a compatible firmware update for the AVIC-F60DAB, AVIC-F960DAB, AVIC-F960BT, AVIC-F860BT and the AVH-X8600BT, as well as the introduction of the CarPlay-compatible SPH-DA120.

Pioneer’s CarPlay-compatible in-dash receivers offer consumers the ability to upgrade the vehicles they already own to the smarter, safer and more fun way to use iPhone in the car.

Consumers with the latest version of iOS on their iPhone 5 or later, including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, can use Siri voice control to make and receive calls, compose and respond to text messages, access Apple Maps for navigation, and listen to their music libraries, podcasts and iTunes Radio.


Special offer: Morel Tempo

Outstanding performance, power and value.

Featuring some of Morel’s innovative technologies, Tempo speaker systems promise car audio enthusiasts best performance in their class. Morel designed Tempo to be efficient, easy to install, and offer great power handling. Tempo can be connected to a quality amplifier to achieve a powerful yet musical performance.

Tempo_2way (1)

Improve a factory sound system

One of the easiest way to improve a factory stereo system (OEM System) is to add back in what’s missing. I’m talking about a subwoofer. Now, before you cringe at the word subwoofer let me describe what adding a subwoofer actually does and doesn’t do. And If you think you’re too old for a subwoofer, think again. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, etc can appreciate accurate and natural sound reproduction.

Adding a subwoofer enhances your OEM system by creating a more natural and lively sound reproduction. The way the artist intended you to hear the music. You’re just adding back in what’s missing and what naturally occurs when someone is playing the bass guitar or pedaling the kick drum or strumming the cello.

Adding a subwoofer to your OEM system doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be rattling your rear view mirror. Most people don’t realise this is what they’re missing until they hear it.

We’d recommend Alpine’s little beauty, the SWE-815, 8″ (20cm) active subwoofer with built-in 150 watt amplifier.


The difference in sound is incredible and extremely surprising coming from such a small product, definitely where the smart money is.

Apple CarPlay out soon!




Just plug in your iPhone and Apple CarPlay automatically launches.*


Now you can experience Apple CarPlay, the best way to use your iPhone in a vehicle. You can make calls, get directions, listen to your iTunes library and use Apple CarPlay compatible apps. With Pioneer and Apple CarPlay, you have access to your iPhone’s best features in the car you already own.


Pioneer enhances your Apple CarPlay experience. Siri uses the included external microphone and your car’s speakers for a powerfully integrated experience. Fast and responsive control with the advanced touch panel LCD screen. A fully customisable listening experience using the built-in equalizer, subwoofer controls and more.

*Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c or iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1, CarPlay compatible Pioneer receiver with the compatible firmware update and Lightning to USB cable required.

Visit the offical  CarPlay website.

Sprinter High Mount Camera

Specially designed Rear View Camera for the Mercedes Sprinter




New Alpine Underseat Sub

This subwoofer is a solid little product, weighing in a 5Kg and one I would love to have a try out some day.

Being a sealed-box rather than ported, it will wobble down to the limits of the 8in driver’s suspension.

It comes with a nifty wired remote offering volume control, a 50Hz to 100Hz sweepable choice of crossover frequency and even a phase flip switch so you can even get away with connecting it up wrong!

9387da963f5554453594c08ac1a499f2 gallery_33436_373_17836

– 160W Peak Power
– Sealed Type Construction
– Built-in Amplifier
– Variable Low Pass Filter: 50Hz-100Hz (-12dB/oct)
– Phase Selector Switch
– Sealed Die-Cast Housing for Stealth Installation
– Wired remote Control
– Speaker-Level and RCA Inputs
– Power Cables and Installation Brackets Included
– Weight: 5kg
– Dimensions: (W x H x D) mm: 342 x 80 x 238 mm

For more information visit www.alpine.co.uk

Transit Reversing Camera Kit

Customer required a discreet solution to their needs. Rear Camera system without changing the factory equipment already installed.

We both agreed a Camera and Monitor system was the answer providing we could make it very discreet.

Photo 09-04-2014 17 29 28 - CopyPhoto 09-04-2014 17 29 22 - Copy

The Ford Transit didn’t have a factory rear view mirror so mounting a rear view mirror monitor was the obvious choice.

Photo 09-04-2014 17 29 30Photo 09-04-2014 17 29 08 - Copy

We replaced the rear number plate light with alternative light which has a cunning built in camera, a perfectly discreet solution, as the image shows.

Are you protected by an Angel ?



Road Angel Gem is a multi-functional speed camera & blackspot locator that sits neatly on your dashboard. With an in-built battery and the ability to hard-wire it into your car, Gem is a discrete yet powerful device that provides visual and audible alerts as you approach upcoming speed cameras and road blackspots.

In order to provide you with the most accurate information possible, Gem uses connected technology to automatically update it’s onboard database every few minutes as you drive.


eAssist™ is a revolutionary new feature that connects you to an emergency response call centre, should you be in an emergency situation. Developed to protect drivers and provide a rapid response service, eAssist™ lets you speak with an operator who will contact the relevant emergency services, dependent on your needs.

Your location is automatically sent to the call centre so they can accurately pin-point your location and direct response services accordingly.

The first of its kind in the UK, eAssist™ will give you that extra peace of mind, helping to protect your life and livelihood.


There are thousands of sites throughout the UK where Safety Camera Vans can sit and monitor the speed of drivers. Whilst these sites are known and included within the Road Angel database, no one knows when or where the vans will appear. By using the unique CameraShare™ feature, Road Angel Gem allows connected Road Angel users to share the LIVE locations of camera vans at the press of a button. If a member of the Road Angel community drives past a live location in the following 2 hours, a live camera van alert will sound. How’s that for social networking!


You may not be aware, however there are over 250,000 miles of public roads and motorways in the UK – which is quite a lot! Maintaining a database of accurate road speed limits is therefore quite a challenge. The field based Road Angel team spend every day updating the road speed limit database, however as there are so many changes it is inevitable that we don’t get them all.

That’s why we have introduced SpeedShare™. This handy feature lets you advise us if you think a road speed limit needs changing. At the press of a button you can tell us of revised road speed limits, which we will validate and update on our database.

With thousands of connected Road Angel users driving around the UK, you can rest assured you are part of a community that has the most accurate road speed limit, safety camera, and road blackspot information available.


Road Angel Gem has an in-built SIM card similar to a mobile phone, which allows data to transfer to and from the Road Angel computer servers ‘over the air’. This allows us to send you updates to our safety camera and blackspot database every few minutes as you drive.

Providing you with up to date and accurate information ensures you are kept well informed, and most importantly, safe on the roads. By utilising ‘Connected’ technology, Road Angel Gem truly is the next generation in road safety products.

Gem+ Photo 2Gem+ Photo 1RA_Gem_PackagingV2RA_Gem_PackagingV2


Pioneer Navgate HUD



Pioneer Europe announces the release of its augmented reality NavGate head-up display (HUD) for smartphone navigation apps that attaches to the driver’s sun visor and projects traffic, navigation and other info in full colour through the windscreen, just above the horizon, allowing him to keep his eyes on the road at all times while navigating. Using a DLP projector for high contrast and deep colour saturation, Pioneer’s NavGate HUD creates what looks to the driver like a 30-inch display, sitting about 3 metres in front of him. Location information is presented as a natural part of the landscape for more intuitive driving. The NavGate HUD is compatible with the CoPilot and NNG’s iGO primo smartphone apps and displays navigation instructions, points of interest, road hazards and much more.

Initially used in aviation and further developed over the years, head-up display technology contributes towards safe driving by displaying useful information in high resolution within the driver’s direct line of sight, which means he doesn’t have to take his eyes off the road to follow directions. Research has shown that a normal driver takes a whole second to read the speed indicator in the instrument panel or to look at a mobile device. Pioneer’s NavGate HUD enables more focused driving by significantly reducing the time required by the driver to process the information he sees and to refocus. Since the driver’s eyes don’t constantly have to change between close-range and remote vision, this form of display is also less tiring.

“Two essential elements for driving are having a clear view on the road and knowing where you’re going. Our NavGate HUD has been designed with both of those ideas in mind, ensuring drivers navigate without losing focus, keeping distractions to a minimum,” said Geert Verhoeven, Car Product Planning Manager at Pioneer Europe. “As it’s an aftermarket device, the NavGate HUD mounts right onto the car’s sun visor and can easily be removed for theft protection. Its competitive price-point will open up this innovative technology to a broader audience.”

All information shown on the NavGate HUD has been carefully selected for usefulness and low distraction for the greatest safety. Clear and simple instructions allow the driver to fully focus on the road ahead. Aside from showing turn-by-turn directions, the unit is able to display a clock, the current speed and speed limits, speed and red light camera warnings, the distance to the destination, as well as the estimated time of arrival. To provide better vision and reduce power consumption, the NavGate HUD incorporates light sensors which automatically adjust the brightness of the projections according to the amount of light.

Pioneer’s NavGate HUD supports various smartphones, which connect to the unit via USB. To control the NavGate HUD, the user simply has to install the CoPilot or iGO primo smartphone apps and activate the HUD function through in-app purchase. Both apps offer clear voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, which can be heard through the smartphone speaker or through a Bluetooth car stereo. Any music that’s being played through the mobile device or car speakers will be faded out before the voice starts giving directions. Even while the driver is calling or using other apps, the NavGate HUD will display the navigation instructions.

Source : Pioneer

Pioneer AVIC-F950DAB


Enhance your radio listening experience with superior sound quality, more choice of stations including dance, chill, comedy, jazz, pop and many more!

Enjoy the convenience of the extra features like pause/rewind live radio, scrolling text on screen with artist and song information. (DAB antenna included)

Experience and control Pioneer-compatible smartphone applications optimized for in-car use directly from the Pioneer touchscreen interface (Navigation, Internet radio and more). Compatible with iPhone & Android smartphones.

2 USB inputs – Smartphone heaven! The first USB input is certified for iPod/iPhone playback, charging & thumb drive playback. The second USB is for charging only.

Mi Witness Accident Recorder


The New Mi Witness HD Vehicle CCTV Accident Recording System has been designed to provide all drivers with the very best protection against fraudulent insurance claims on our roads & lowering Insurance premiums.

 “Using the Mi-Witness, is the only real way to substantiate your claim in the court of law”

Using the Mi witness camera is the only real way to substantiate your claims in the court of law. Drivers have come to realise that, in the absence of other evidence, having a camera onboard may influence a positive outcome in the case of an accident.

While actual results will vary, it’s been reported from various motoring groups that camera systems can dramatically reduce at-risk driving behaviours by up 50-70%. By reducing the at-risk behaviour, the likelihood of an accident is also reduced.

Why Mi Witness?

– Provides irrefutable evidence in the event of a road traffic accident.

– Combats false whiplash claims

– Reduces the time taken to settle a claim.

– Saves protracted lengthy claims when no evidence is available.

– Proven reductions in unsafe driving behaviour

– Has been proven to modify driver behaviour.

– Reduces fleet costs and ensures drivers are abiding by company rules.

– Can be fitted in minutes by any user, or fitted professionally.

– GPS Mapping overlay using Google Earth shows exactly where the vehicle has been.


Visit this link to see our whole range.


Custom fit to your BMW 3 series


The Zenec is a smart specialist, specifically developed for your BMW. The specific construction, amber button illumination and customized styling of the front panel makes ZENEC’s top naviceiver blend in perfectly with the various BMW 3 series models.

It is also effortlessly integrated into the existing automotive electronics. The Zenec is linked to the steering wheel remote control, the Optical Park System (OPS), and the Climatronic control status via the vehicle-specific CAN bus interface. The functionality of factory installed components remains intact.


Steering wheel remote control integration

The Zenec is connected via the vehicle-specific CAN bus interface to the factory installed steering wheel remote control. Audio sources (radio, MP3, USB) are operated in identical fashion as with the OE radio before.


A/C control status info integration

The status data of the Climatronic, if installed in the respective vehicle and present in the CAN net, are displayed as a pop-up info on your E>GO’s touchscreen display during adjustment of any A/C related function.


OE parking sensor integration

Perfect integration into each target vehicle – data present in the CAN net for factory installed parking radar sensors is read, processed and displayed via the ZENEC OPS (Optical Parking System) on the Touchscreen of the E>GO. Acoustical PDC integration is provided by a device internal buzzer.

General Features

– 6.2″/15.7 cm 16:9 TFT-LCD touchscreen with HMI for 22 different EU languages
– FM RDS tuner with DSP noise masking and 30 preset stations (18 FM/12 AM)
– 1 x IR-remote control

Brand/Vehicle Specific Features

– Steering wheel remote control integration via CAN
– Optical Park System (OPS) integration via CAN*
– Climatronic control status integration via CAN*
– BMW power system integration
– Amber key illumination

* Functionality only provided if feature specific CAN data is present.

GPS Navigation System

– 3D High-Definition splitscreen navigation
– Multi sensor dead reckoning for accurate navigation performance (without GPS signal)
– SD card based navigation system (on 8 GB memory card)
– Premium POI bundle with over 6 million points-of-interest
– TTS Pro voice guidance for 28 different spoken languages
– Realistic 3D rendering of terrains and landmarks, Tunnel-View, 3D Auto-Zoom for crossings and roundabouts, Real Junction View
– Eco and Smart Route Planning, Calculation of Real-Time Route Alternatives, Parking Around Algorithm, Detour Hint function etc.
– Outlook address import, Driver Alerts etc.
– TMC and TMC Pro receiver

Parrot Bluetooth Hands-Free Module

– DSP audio processing for background noise masking
– Synchronization of up to 1,000 phonebook entries with 5 numbers per entry
– Advanced phonebook contact search function
– Voice control of phonebook contact dialing functions in 8 different EU languages
– Selectable internal or external BT microphone

Multimedia Player

– USB hub allocating three USB 2.0 memory devices (each up to 64 GB)
– Compatible USB file formats: MP3, WMA, AVI, Xvid
– Gracenote “More Like This” for USB audio source and “one-click” generation of playlists by selection of one track
– BT-music streaming via A2DP with AVRCP 1.4
– DSP crossover with HPF / LPF function
– 4 x 40 watts amplifier
– 24 bit D/A converter
– Made for iPod / iPhone


– 4.2 RCA preamp line outputs (4 V)
– 1 x RCA A/V-input (CVBS)
– 1 x RCA video input for rear view camera (CVBS)
– Connectivity for touchscreen compatible DAB+ or DVB-T devices

Pioneer integrates iPhone5



Pioneer GB release three new car navigation systems for 2013, offering advanced route guidance, in-car multimedia entertainment and the latest in smartphone connectivity. The AVIC-F50BT, AVIC-F950DAB and AVIC-F950BT offer iPhone 5 compatibility and include high resolution WVGA touch screen displays ranging from 6.1 inches to 7 inches. They also include a new mapping interface with real-time traffic information, a new graphical user interface (GUI), AppRadio Mode, built-in Bluetooth functionality, USB connectivity, DAB technology (AVIC-F950DAB only), DVD/CD/MP3 playback, and more.

Smartphone integration for in-car navigation

iPhone 5 connectivity: the new in-car navigation units now offer enhanced connectivity with the iPhone 5 via the optional CD-IH202 kit and two accessories from Apple, the Lightning to USB cable and Lightning Digital AV adapter, required for compatibility with the navigation models.

AppRadio Mode: each model is equipped with Pioneer’s AppMode allowing iPhone (4/4S/5) and Android owners (selected devices) to access and control dozens of their apps directly from the navigation system’s large touch screen display.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity is built-in to provide a wireless communication and data connection to Bluetooth enabled devices.

Aha Radio: with the free Aha Radio app, available for iOS and Android operating systems, users can enjoy audio content from tens of thousands of audio stations, including web content like internet music, news, audio books, social newsfeeds, restaurant information and much more.

Other features

The AVIC-F950DAB incorporates a DAB radio tuner, embracing the growing trend of digital audio broadcasts that provide high-quality digital sound through improved signal reception and easy programme selection

RDS-TMC services provide an overlay of real-time traffic events and conditions on the navigation map and allow users to create routes (or re-route) to minimise traffic delays

A comprehensive map database from NAVTEQ

8GB of built in flash memory for fast access of mapping information

A large 7-inch touch screen (6.1-inch for AVIC-F950DAB and AVIC-F950BT)

HDMI/Component video input for smartphone connection

DVD playback

Dual Zone capability for independent rear seat audio/video playback

USB connectivity for playback of audio/video media stored on a flash drive, hard drive, media player and/or smartphone

An SD card slot (micro SD for AVIC-F950DAB and AVIC-F950BT)

A back-up camera input (includes parking graphic guidelines)

A semi-detachable face (AVIC-F950DAB and AVIC-F950BT)

Rearview camera Crafter/Sprinter

OEM Style Rearview Camera - Crafter & Sprinter Brochure

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New range of DRLs

Daytime running lights (sometimes referred to as DRLs or daylight running lamps) are low-wattage bulbs that are fitted to a vehicle to improve visibility during the day. As of February 2011 DRLs have become a mandatory fitting to all new passenger vehicles.

DRLs must switch on with the vehicle ignition and switch off when the vehicle sidelights are switched on. They can also be made to function as front position (side) lights, which operate at a reduced intensity (usually 30% less) when the vehicle sidelights are switched on.

You may have already seen DRLs out on the road – many manufacturers such as Honda have fitted them to new models. They can usually be found just below the car’s main headlights, and normally switch on with the vehicle ignition and off when the vehicle sidelights are turned on.

Although the daytime running lights law does not require existing car owners to fit DRLs, many drivers are choosing to add them.
Apart from the road safety benefits, the lights look stylish – because they’re associated with new, high-tech models, loads of people are using them as a quick and easy way to upgrade their motors.

As more vehicles appear on the road with DRLs on, older vehicles will be at a disadvantage in terms of visibility. So it’s expected that drivers with older vehicles will choose to add DRLs or will drive with sidelights or dipped headlights on.

The problem with driving with headlights on is that it increases fuel consumption – DRLs are a better option, as they’re normally LED lights that consume less power. Some even have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.




Pop over and see our new range of Daylight Running Lights (DRL).

Alpine INE-W925R with built in DAB

With built in DAB Radio

Alpines revolutionary One Look Navi concept make using your system much easier and more efficient. The unique 50/50 split screen puts twice as much information on the display, for more convenient operation of your navigation system and Iphone/Ipod, Nokia, Bluetooth, DVD and USB devices.

Customise your unit with my favourites.

My Favourites lets you put eight frequent actions on one screen for one touch selection, and arrange the layout the way you want it by dragging icons. Tune in your favourite radio stations, search your favourite POI categories, or call your favourite people with out scrolling through the phone book. You can also select the background colour and match audio setting to you car model. And all this work for two people, based on Bluetooth phone recognition.

Extra Convenience For Two Users.

If you and your spouse or another person frequently drives the car, you can both save your own user profile. When you enter the car, Bluetooth automatically connects the phone and initiates your profile. The profile includes the background colour and basic operating screen as well as favourites, phonebook, radio presets and camera view. You dont have to manually input settings each time, saving time and making your whole system more convenient to use.


CD/DVD/MP3 Player
USB/Ipod connection
Works with Nokia using KCU-230NK
6.1 WGA touch screen
Built in TMC
Detachable faceplate
3 x 4v pre-outs
2 x AV inputs
1 x AV output
4 Background colours
Bluetooth Handsfree

Parrot Minikit Neo

Minikit Neo from Parrot is a voice controlled portable Bluetooth hands-free Carkit.

Make calls and receive calls without needing to touch any buttons on the kit. You can trigger the voice recognition at any time by saying the word Minikit, and this can be followed by saying the name of your contact that you wish to call. When you receive a call, just say Accept or Reject. This kit recognises any voice without the need for any programming, matching or training.

All your contacts on your kit

Synchronisation with your phonebook is automatic and the menu on the Minikit Neo are vocal so you can stay focused on the driving.

Great sound quality

The NXT flat panel technology provides a clear open sound. Combined with a strong amplifier, it delivers a 3W powerful sound. Digital Signal Processing allows a drastic reduction of noise and a strong echo cancellation.

Two phones connected at once

The Multipoint function in the Minikit Neo, allows it to connect to two phones simultaneously. And with Switch function, you can also use both phonebooks to make calls.


With the Bluetooth Audio Streaming (A2DP) feature, you can now listen to all your music on your phone and benefit from the voice commands of your navigation app directly on your kit.

Automatically activated

The kit automatically switches on when you get in your car, and off when you leave your car. All this is possible as the kit integrates a vibration sensor to automatically switch on and off.

Hours of conversation

The kit gives up to ten hours of talk-time, and enjoy six months of standby with Ultra Low Power Mode. Upon request, the Minkit Neo will tell you remaining battery time vocally.

Simple pairing

The kit will guide you through the entire pairing process. Once your phone is paired correctly, Bluetooth connection with the kit remains automatic. If your phone is NFC-compatible, all you have to do is hold it to the Minikit Neo to connect.

Easy update

Benefit from new features or change the language of your Minikit Neo by downloading new software version for free. To update, just drag and drop the software file on the Minikit Neos folder on your computer.

Compact and sleek design

The Minikit Neo combines the best of technology and stylish design. The integrated clipping system is compatible with all sun visors and can be reversed easily with only one hand when fold or unfold the sun visor.

Bargain Basement - new additions

Just added some stonking speaker deals to the Bargain Basement section on our website…

Alpine Pro speaker’s, Focal speaker’s plus loads more killer bargains in store!!!

Give us a call or pop in and say hello…

New Hertz Amps Coming Soon

Hertz HCP, Hertz Compact Power, is an amplier line whose plus point is the ratio between size, power and affordability.

Minimised sizes have been achieved thanks to the use of both D and AB Class circuits.

This range is highly versatile, and has comparably high power levels!

Pioneer NavGate In-Car System

DRL kit installed on Ford Transit

These are LED day running lamps for the Ford Transit Mk 7, September 2006 onwards Vans and Motorhomes. They are a high quality fully customised kit, assembled in the UK and tailor made for this vehicle.

The lamps have a cast alloy body, are waterproof to LP44 standard and should not be confused with the low quality plastic lamps available elsewhere. They are fitted with four 1 watt LED bulbs with a lifespan of 50000 hours and a very high brightness of 6000k, which the same technology found in many high end manufacturer’s vehicles. The lamps are also E marked and meet the current ECE R87 regulations.

The lights are wired to the vehicle battery and will be switched on when the engine is started and off approx 1 minute after the engine stops – a useful ‘see me to the door’ feature with only one other connection to the dipped beam circuit so that they will dim at night to avoid dazzle

These quality lamps are designed to fit into the bottom round aperture in the bumper into a 79mm hole – full instructions supplied.

They come with an easy fit wiring loom with all connections – no complicated under the dash dismantling. They are 100% compatible with the vehicle’s canbus wiring system.

By fitting these Day Running Lamps you will be more visible to other drivers and pedestrians meaning increased road safety. They are a compulsory fitment on new cars and light vans, and will thus become commonplace – so fitting them to your pre 2011 vehicle will ensure it stays looking current and up to date.

DRL installed on Vauxhall Vivaro

These are LED day running lamps for the Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Nissan Primastar Vans 2007 onwards with the round blanking mouldings in the bumper (not suitable as a replacement for models with the factory fitted fog lamps).

The lamps have a cast alloy body, are waterproof to LP44 standard and should not be confused with the low quality plastic lamps available elsewhere. They are fitted with four 1 watt LED bulbs with a lifespan of 50000 hours and a very high brightness of 6000k, which the same technology found in many high end manufacturer’s vehicles. The lamps are also E marked and meet the current ECE R87 regulations.

The lights are wired to the vehicle battery and will be switched on when the engine is started and off approx 1 minute after the engine stops – a useful ‘see me to the door’ feature with only one other connection to the dipped beam circuit so that they will dim at night to avoid dazzle

These quality lamps are designed to fit into the bottom round aperture in the bumper into a 79mm hole.

They come with an easy fit wiring loom with all connections – no complicated under the dash dismantling. They are 100% compatible with the vehicle’s canbus wiring system.

By fitting these Day Running Lamps you will be more visible to other drivers and pedestrians meaning increased road safety. They are a compulsory fitment on new cars and light vans, and will thus become common place – so fitting them to your pre 2011 vehicle will ensure it stays looking current and up to date.


VW Camper Project

Customer came to see us with a task to fit a Pionner double din satnav into a Volkswagen Camper.

We needed to create a double din hole in the curved dashboard.

Obtaining a Speed Pulse signal was vital in order to get the best out of the Pioneer navigation system. Unfortunately, the vehicle did not provide a speed pulse signal.

But with some intuitive thinking we solved it by fitting a transducer to the vehicle.

Alpine INE-W920R - One Look Navi

INE-W920R – Advanced Navi Station

One Look Navi

Alpines revolutionary One Look Navi concept makes using your system much easier and more efficient.

The unique 50/50 split screen puts twice as much information on the display, for more convenient operation of your navigation system and iPhone/iPod, Bluetooth, DVD and USB devices.

The INE-W920R combines the best of Alpines new technologies for outstanding operation, guidance and safety.

The new 50/50 split screen, huge map coverage, wide media compatibility, customisable user interface and excellent sound quality and extensive sound tuning features make this a must-have model.

For a more detailed product description visit www.alpine.uk.com

Visit our showroom for a demo.

Choosing the best Parrot car kit

If you frequently use your phone in the car, for music or calls, a car kit is an accessory worth investing in. A car kit will probably be the most expensive accessory purchase you can make for your phone, so its worth spending some time looking at whats available, reading reviews and making sure that the kit you are about to buy does everything you need it to and most importantly that its likely to work with your future phones too.

If you are looking to buy a car kit, then a Parrot car kit is the way to go. Over the last few years, Parrot have grown from a relatively unheard of company to one that produces excellent car kits that even the big names in mobiles, such as Nokia, can not compete with.

Parrot CK3100 Advanced Bluetooth Car Kit

The Parrot CK3100 has been around for a long time now, but its still a firm favorite, particularly among fleet managers. In terms of features its pretty simple with hands free calling with voice dial and phone book synchronisation. It has a clear LCD display that shows you the name/number of callers and allows you to scroll through your address book without having to touch your phone. Installation is pretty straight forward as the CK3100 connects using the standard ISO connections on the back of your car radio, although not all cars use ISO, so you may need to purchase some additional cables.

As with all of the Parrot Car Kits, the CK3100 doesnt use an external speaker in the passenger footwell, instead, all audio is routed through your car stereo speakers. This gives you much more control over volume levels and callers are much clearer and easier to understand.

Parrot MKi9100 Bluetooth Car Kit

The main difference between the MKi range of kits and the CK3100 are their music capabilities. In addition to being able to handle calls, the MKi kits do a brilliant job of streaming music from your phone, MP3 player or USB flash drive through your existing Car Stereo. Controlling the Car Kit is done through a small remote that can either stick to your dashboard or attach to your steering wheel.

Each MKi kit has a connectivity cable that has a 3.5mm line in, USB port and Apple Dock connector. This allows you to connect pretty much any audio source to the kit and enjoy the sound through your car stereo. If you connect an iPod or iPhone using the Dock connector you can also use the remote to control your music playback. Every Parrot Car Kit is easily updated. Frequent software updates are available free of charge from the Parrot website and will often improve compatibility/usability.

If the idea of a screen sitting on your dashboard makes you nervous, dont worry, its detachable and can be taken with you when you leave the car. In terms of features and usability, its very similar to the CK3100, but with music support. The MKi9100 is still worth choosing even if you dont plan on using it for music. The difference in price is minimal when you take into account the extra features that you get like easy software updates, removable screen and better phonebook sync & voice dialling.

Parrot MKi9200 Bluetooth Car Kit

The MKi9200 is significantly different to the MKi9100. Most obvious is of course the screen. It comes with a 2.4 inch colour screen that will not only show names and numbers of callers, but also their photo and during music playback, album art is displayed (if present on your phone). The screen also has an SD card reader built into it. This means that instead of storing your music on your phone or USB stick, you can put all your music on an SD card (max 32GB) and have it in the car permanently.

Controlling the car kit is done using the same remote that comes with the Mki9100 kit, but with the bigger display, navigating the menus is a little bit quicker and easier. If you have use your smart phone or an iPod as your music source in the car then you may not need the extra features that you get with the MKi9200 as the MKi9000 will be more than adequate.

Carbon Fibre Comfort Heated Seats

Instead of metal braids carbon fibres are woven into the heating mats.
With conventional copper heating wires, if a wire becomes damaged the whole mat is broken.

Carbon Fibre Comfort heating mats are extremely thin and guarantee 100% heat coverage unlike the original copper wire system which has uneven heat distribution.

Large heating elements for the back support and seat provide steady warmth for your body.

Within less than a minute you enjoy the warm pleasant feeling ” Seated in a warm nest ”


In the early days and even today the seat heating gets heated by a single wavy wire element. Here only the wire gets heated and not the whole area. A single broken wire leads to a total failure of the seat heating.

Modern seat heating are made of thousands of elastic carbon which also functions when a single carbon fibre strands is broken. Our Carbon Fibre Comfort Kits are ideal seat heating to retrofit.

There is nothing to be seen of the heating, apart from the switches, which can be perfectly integrated into the car interior or the seat base. It has three positions: Off, Max (100%) and Eco (30%). This means full heat after start of the car and later fuel saving, constant heat for constant use.

Main Features

– large heating pads for the backrest and seat
– healthy even heat for your body
– can be cut to shape
– can be tailored exactly to fit any size and seat form.
– material excess or disturbing parts can be cut away.

New Rear Seat Entertainment

All-in-One DVD Monitor featuring SD card reader and USB input.

The headrest system is designed to replicate the factory headrest.

Main Features

DVD player built in to each headrest
LED Backlit screens
IR wireless headphones
IR remote control
7inch TFT / LCD monitor
Integrated SD card reader
USB input
Built in FM modulator

The Alpine EZi-DAB receiver

It connects to any existing car stereo providing outstanding digital radio reception as well as the ability to connect and control iPod, iPhone, iPad and many compatible USB devices. The unit is Powered by Pure, the worlds leading wireless music and radio systems manufacturer.

5 Colour Illumination

To ensure the EZi-DAB integrates seamlessly into any dashboard and look like it was always meant to be there, the control unit has a choice of five different illumination colours; green, amber, red, blue and white.

Discreet Antenna

To listen to digital radio, a special antenna is required. EZi-DAB uses a small, discreet windscreen film solution, where no cutting or drilling to your vehicle is required.

Full iPod, iPhone and iPad Control

In addition to digital radio, the EZI-DAB also offers the option to connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad and the EZi-DAB gives the ability to search and play the music via the car speakers (standard Apple cable required). It also charges these Devices at the same time.

Works with USB Devices

The Alpine EZi-DAB enables you to navigate and listen to tracks from a USB flash drive, mobile phone or MP3 player with USB connection.

Dual Tuner

The EZi-DAB has a dual tuner so no need to keep re-tuning as you drive.

Forecourt Pause

The EZi-DAB gives the ability to hit the pause button before you remove your car keys, so that the broadcast or music is paused until you return for a maximum of 15 minutes. Great for when you are in the middle of listening to something you do not want to miss!

Pause and Rewind Live Radio

This allows you to simply pause live radio and continue to listen later, exactly where you left off, or rewind at 15 second increments.

Picnic Mode

EZi-DAB enables you to listen to digital radio with the ignition off and your car keys removed. Ideal for summer picnics or camping.

Alpine Type G speaker range

If you are serious about big power output for your sound system, you need to get serious about buying a set of these Alpine Type G.

Specifically designed for high power, the Type G range comes in both component or coaxial form, also comprising excellent sound quality thanks to a soft dome tweeter, square voice coil wire and an audio tuned capacitor across all models.

Whether it is 6 x 9s for the rear or door speakers, a dabble with the SPG range will mean that you will not be looking at anything else for big powered audio.

Hear music the way artists intended

Car sounds can be upgraded cheaply and effectively with Deici loudspeakers from Hertz. Achieving greater fidelity, clarity and dynamics is simply a matter of throwing the horrible factory fitted speakers away and replacing them with these beautiful Italian speakers designed to provide a warm and musical sound instead of the strangled parrot-like squawk you are made to live with when buying a car with standard speakers fitted.



By adding some sound deadening treatment, the sound will be considerably better as it takes care of the area behind the speakers sorting out any rattles, resonances and out of phase reflections which compromise the performance of your speakers, in one swoop. The combined effect of replacing the speakers and adding sound treatment will drastically improve the musicality of your system whatever you listen to and will even improve speech.

Hertz is an Italian brand world renowned for introducing ground breaking technologies to easily affordable product, offering the best sound possible without the effort or expense of adding an external amplifier to your set-up.

The Deici range includes a wide span of sizes and come in coaxial form or as separate components to match the equipment you are replacing. Some potential customers are put off by worries that their speakers are not standard sizes, but our technicians are expert in converting standard positions to take better speakers and in most cases, you wont even see the difference.

You will however, definitely hear the difference as you experience enriched bass tones that you didnt even know your stereo would reproduce you will also benefit from high frequencies which add to the timbre and sibilance of the music ensuring you hear every note, cymbal and breath from your favourite artists. The mid-frequencies are distortion free and rounded but with plenty of attack when listening to drums and electric guitar.

Tuned by human ears, Deici will have you revisiting your music collection and discovering detail you havent heard in your car before.

Music should be rich, deep and intricate, not tinny and hollow. If youre a true music lover, youll want to hear music the way the artist intended.

And if youre not sure where to start, dont sweat it. Pop in, pay us a visit; we have simple and inexpensive solutions.

Civic 2012 double din

The new Honda Civic 2012 model is finally here.

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on it and take the dash apart to see what’s possible to install and how we can intergrate into it.

This is what we can now do….

Transform this….

into this….

With functionality of the steering wheel intact including track skip control.

Astra J 2010 with aftermarket radio

This radio installation kit is design to provide everything you need when fitting a replacement stereo. This handy package takes the guesswork out of your cable selection and is carefully configured to work with a wide range of radio models.

The image bellow shows the dashboard with the original radio fitted.

The images bellow shows the Astra J 2010 with aftermarket radio.

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