• Hear music the way artists intended

    Car sounds can be upgraded cheaply and effectively with Deici loudspeakers from Hertz. Achieving greater fidelity, clarity and dynamics is simply a matter of throwing the horrible factory fitted speakers away and replacing them with these beautiful Italian speakers designed to provide a warm and musical sound instead of the strangled parrot-like squawk you are

  • Civic 2012 double din

    The new Honda Civic 2012 model is finally here. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on it and take the dash apart to see what’s possible to install and how we can intergrate into it. This is what we can now do…. Transform this…. into this…. With functionality of the steering wheel intact including

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    Astra J 2010 with aftermarket radio

    This radio installation kit is design to provide everything you need when fitting a replacement stereo. This handy package takes the guesswork out of your cable selection and is carefully configured to work with a wide range of radio models. The image bellow shows the dashboard with the original radio fitted. The images bellow shows

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