• GHOST Vehicle Immobilisation

    GHOST Vehicle Immobilisation

    If you are worried about losing your pride and joy you may wish to consider a clever and undetectable immobilisation device that is so small it is hidden in the wiring harness of your vehicle. There are no wireless remotes to clone, no touch keys or hidden switches – just a start sequence that you

  • Thinkware Dash Cams

    Thinkware Dash Cams

    The new Thinkware F800 witness camera features even better night vision, longer recording times, lower power consumption and future cloud compatibility. In addition to providing you with HD video evidence of an accident with its 140 degree wide lens, it will also offer the option to make you aware of traffic light and speed cameras

  • Van Alarms

    Van Alarms

    Van contents theft has been in the news again with reports of expensive tools being lost to thieves who seem to know which vans to target. Team Impulse can fit an alarm in the back of a van which, when triggered will sound the maximum legal limit of siren volume that will frighten the thieves

  • Jaguar :: Headlining

    Jaguar :: Headlining

    We have recently had a number of customers with older Jaguars where the headlining has started to sag and in some cases almost completely detach from the original support board. Unfortunately simply applying a little glue will not cure the problem as the first hot day will make the material sag and eventually detach again.

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