Front Parking Sensors Colour Coded



4 Sensor Front Only Upgrade Kit With Buzzer. The system can be programmed to ignore protrusions such as nudge bars and is compatible with our visual display types listed in related products below. Can be used as a 2 Sensor system if required.

Main Features:

4 sensor front system
Can be used as 2 sensor front system
Fully upgradeable to use one of our compatible visual displays
Intelligent detection, compatible with front protrusions such as nudge bars
Automatic radio mute function
Anti-false alert technology
Self-test function
All weather design (-40°c +85°c)

Technical Parameters:

Operating temperature: -40oC>+85°c
Input: <300mA
Beep volume: 70>90dB
Sensor installation height: 45>60cm
Range: 0.3>1.0m

In order to be able to order this product/service you must know the name and colour code of your vehicle. Please email us these details, failure to do so will delay and possibly have your order rejected.

Due to the vast range of colours available, it is possible that your parking sensors will be colour coded specifically to your order. If this is the case your order will be despatch allowing sufficient time for the sensors heads to take the paint correctly, providing a long lasting finish.

How do I find the colour code for my vehicle?

To find the manufacturer’s colour code, look for the identification plate. In most cases this will be either under the bonnet, in the boot or inside the drivers or passengers door frame. See image bellow.


Paint codes from Honda are typically 1-2 Letters, 3-4 Numbers followed by a Letter.

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