We work for car dealers around the M25 and one of the popular requests from their customers is the fitting of heated seats. We use the original seats and install carbon fibre elements within the upholstery. This is an affordable top quality upgrade.

It takes a full day to upgrade two front seats. It can be done to most cars that do not have factory elements fitted. 


single front seat upgrade £250.00 including everything
2 front seats upgrade £400.00 including everything


  • Can you fit heater elements to leather seats?

    We can install heater elements to leather or cloth seats.

  • Where are the switches mounted?

    We place the switches on the side of the seat so that the hand can feel the switch and its position (off, heat1, heat2). Sometimes we find a different more convenient mounting position but because the switches are different to those of factory design it is often better to keep them on the seat sides.

  • what part of the seat is heated?

    We shape the elements to fit the base and part way up the seat back. Carbon fibre elements are much more efficient and lie flatter that conventional copper elements. Most importantly, we can cut the elements to the shape of the seat without adversely affecting performance.

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