There are two types of park sensor that we fit on a regular basis:

  1. Surface mount low profile sensor head that is drilled into the bumper. Normally there are four of these that cover the area at the back or front of the vehicle with a small overlap at the sides for added protection. This type is the most popular choice due mainly to cost and performance plus the fact that 4 sensors at the rear of a vehicle can normally be installed in less than 90 minutes. The fronts take a little longer – about 2 hours. Customers can opt for a simple beeper to indicate distance from an obstruction or add a small LED display that will give both audio and visual warnings.
  2. The other type are very similar or in some cases identical to those fitted by the car manufacturers. The sensor heads (4) are mounted behind the bumper and then fitted through a precise hole which allows the sensor to sit flush with the bumper surface. Superb finish but at a price. Because of the extra work required, the time for installation shoots up to 3.5 hours rear and 4 hours front.


4 sensors matt black 1 year warranty £129.00
4 sensors colour coded 3 year warranty £199.00
Add a display £50.00
4 front sensor colour coded 3 year warranty £229.00
Rear flush sensors colour coded £300.00 Front flush sensors colour coded £350


  • Where do you fit the beeper and display?

    The beeper is hidden within the trim panels of the car but within hearing of the driver. The display which also carries the beeper is mounted on the rear headlining near the back window. The front display sits on the top of the dash close to where the windscreen meets the dash. They are very small and neat.

  • Do you need to remove the bumpers?

    Normally, we are able to fit the surface mount sensors without removing the bumper. Flush mount sensors have to be installed behind the bumper so we have to remove it to do this.

  • How do you match the colour of my car?

    Every colour has a name and an identification code. When we have the code we get the paint made up and apply it carefully to the sensor head and housing for a perfect finish.

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