Tracking systems are normally installed at the insistence of an insurer. Cars that are regular targets for thieves in particular parts of the UK are likely to need Category 5 systems that require the drive to carry an identification or authorised driver card with then to avoid triggering a tracking station alert. Less targeted cars can be required to fit a Category 6 device that is passively tracked until the owner reports it stolen when the tracking station will actively track and locate the vehicle with the police.

Some newer models of tracking devices allow you to use your smartphone or PC to locate the vehicle. This is a very cost effective way of using tracking technology to manage a small fleet of vehicles whilst complying with the insurance underwriters’ specification requirements. There are also systems that work purely for business fleet management.


Category 5 tracking from £650.00
Category 6 tracking with free first year subscription £350.00
Non Insurance tracking from £200


  • Would it be a good idea to install a tracking device on my new car?

    Yes of course but would your insurer compensate you with a lower premium? If not then why should you help protect their profitability? By reducing their risk you should be rewarded but to be fair, it could be that your car is not at high risk so tracking would not normally be an advantage to your insurer. 

  • How does the tracking station know when my car has been stolen?

    If you have a Cat 5 system then your driver identity card needs to be with you every time you start your car otherwise it will trigger an alert at the tracking station and you will get a phone call from them. If it is Cat 6 you would need to contact them to start actively tracking your vehicle as it is believed stolen.

  • Can I track the car myself?

    With certain systems such as the Vodafone Cobra Protect and Connect series you can use an app that will allow you to self track your vehicle.

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