New Alpine Underseat Sub

This subwoofer is a solid little product, weighing in a 5Kg and one I would love to have a try out some day.

Being a sealed-box rather than ported, it will wobble down to the limits of the 8in driver’s suspension.

It comes with a nifty wired remote offering volume control, a 50Hz to 100Hz sweepable choice of crossover frequency and even a phase flip switch so you can even get away with connecting it up wrong!

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– 160W Peak Power
– Sealed Type Construction
– Built-in Amplifier
– Variable Low Pass Filter: 50Hz-100Hz (-12dB/oct)
– Phase Selector Switch
– Sealed Die-Cast Housing for Stealth Installation
– Wired remote Control
– Speaker-Level and RCA Inputs
– Power Cables and Installation Brackets Included
– Weight: 5kg
– Dimensions: (W x H x D) mm: 342 x 80 x 238 mm

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