Improve a factory sound system

One of the easiest way to improve a factory stereo system (OEM System) is to add back in what’s missing. I’m talking about a subwoofer. Now, before you cringe at the word subwoofer let me describe what adding a subwoofer actually does and doesn’t do. And If you think you’re too old for a subwoofer, think again. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, etc can appreciate accurate and natural sound reproduction.

Adding a subwoofer enhances your OEM system by creating a more natural and lively sound reproduction. The way the artist intended you to hear the music. You’re just adding back in what’s missing and what naturally occurs when someone is playing the bass guitar or pedaling the kick drum or strumming the cello.

Adding a subwoofer to your OEM system doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be rattling your rear view mirror. Most people don’t realise this is what they’re missing until they hear it.

We’d recommend Alpine’s little beauty, the SWE-815, 8″ (20cm) active subwoofer with built-in 150 watt amplifier.

The difference in sound is incredible and extremely surprising coming from such a small product, definitely where the smart money is.