Carbon Fibre Comfort Heated Seats

Instead of metal braids carbon fibres are woven into the heating mats.
With conventional copper heating wires, if a wire becomes damaged the whole mat is broken.

Carbon Fibre Comfort heating mats are extremely thin and guarantee 100% heat coverage unlike the original copper wire system which has uneven heat distribution.

Large heating elements for the back support and seat provide steady warmth for your body.

Within less than a minute you enjoy the warm pleasant feeling ” Seated in a warm nest ”


In the early days and even today the seat heating gets heated by a single wavy wire element. Here only the wire gets heated and not the whole area. A single broken wire leads to a total failure of the seat heating.

Modern seat heating are made of thousands of elastic carbon which also functions when a single carbon fibre strands is broken. Our Carbon Fibre Comfort Kits are ideal seat heating to retrofit.

There is nothing to be seen of the heating, apart from the switches, which can be perfectly integrated into the car interior or the seat base. It has three positions: Off, Max (100%) and Eco (30%). This means full heat after start of the car and later fuel saving, constant heat for constant use.

Main Features

– large heating pads for the backrest and seat
– healthy even heat for your body
– can be cut to shape
– can be tailored exactly to fit any size and seat form.
– material excess or disturbing parts can be cut away.