Crash for Cash – Dont be a Victim

The crime of the ‘crash for cash’ scheme has increased rapidly over the past year, and this problem has caused many people to have to pay out on their insurance for something that wasn’t their fault. The trick of braking heavily in front of the victim, to make it appear like the victim has driven into the back of the perpetrator has become more common.

There is a way to prove these people are brought to justice and  to save on your insurance premiums at the same time!

Here at Impulse, we sell three different levels of in-car accident witness cameras. Depending on your price range, we have a camera that can support your budget.


Good! – Silent Witness SW010 Front Facing In-Car Camera

This little beauty is very good for people on a budget. With a 1.5″ screen on the back, you can watch back incidents instantly. Alternatively, you can connect this to a screen via HDMI for high quality output. It can swivel, with a viewing angle of 120°, so it captures a big area. It supports up to 32gb of memory, which gives you peace of mind and saves you having to change the SD card on every journey. Another handy feature is the built in speaker and microphone, to hopefully prevent that pesky road rage. The device can be charged via a 12V port (Cigar Lighter socket) in the car, or ask in-store to have it professionally fitted, and hard-wired into your car’s wiring.


Better! – Road Angel Halo Front & Rear In-Car Camera Set

The next level is the Road Angel Halo. Again, like the Silent Witness, it uses HD technology to record high quality video and audio automatically and instantly. The Halo comes with a rear camera, so it gives you both angles of vision. The device can also be left on in parking mode, so it will record if your vehicle is hit while parked. The device also uses a SD car facility, and can support up to 32gb of memory. A smart set of cameras, the interface installs on any standard laptop and is very easy to use and set up, as it comes with the product on a handy little memory stick.


Best! – Mi-Witness HD In-Car Camera Range


Now, the reason you’re really here. The mac daddy of in-car accident cameras, the Mi-Witness HD range uses 720p HD technology to film from both the front and the rear cameras, and the same as the previous two, will record on a continuous loop. However, there is the added convenience of connecting to your smartphone via an app and bluetooth/wi-fi, and viewing the camera LIVE, or setting up the options. The rear camera is tiny, and tucks away discreetly in any vehicle. The camera is heat resistant up to 90°C, which also makes it a good device to take abroad with you on those really long drives. The Mi-Witness HD supports up to 64gb of memory, which gives it even more longevity than it’s competitors. It comes as standard with an 8gb class 10 SD card to start.