DRL kit installed on Ford Transit

These are LED day running lamps for the Ford Transit Mk 7, September 2006 onwards Vans and Motorhomes. They are a high quality fully customised kit, assembled in the UK and tailor made for this vehicle.

The lamps have a cast alloy body, are waterproof to LP44 standard and should not be confused with the low quality plastic lamps available elsewhere. They are fitted with four 1 watt LED bulbs with a lifespan of 50000 hours and a very high brightness of 6000k, which the same technology found in many high end manufacturer’s vehicles. The lamps are also E marked and meet the current ECE R87 regulations.

The lights are wired to the vehicle battery and will be switched on when the engine is started and off approx 1 minute after the engine stops – a useful ‘see me to the door’ feature with only one other connection to the dipped beam circuit so that they will dim at night to avoid dazzle

These quality lamps are designed to fit into the bottom round aperture in the bumper into a 79mm hole – full instructions supplied.

They come with an easy fit wiring loom with all connections – no complicated under the dash dismantling. They are 100% compatible with the vehicle’s canbus wiring system.

By fitting these Day Running Lamps you will be more visible to other drivers and pedestrians meaning increased road safety. They are a compulsory fitment on new cars and light vans, and will thus become commonplace – so fitting them to your pre 2011 vehicle will ensure it stays looking current and up to date.