Hear music the way artists intended

Car sounds can be upgraded cheaply and effectively with Deici loudspeakers from Hertz. Achieving greater fidelity, clarity and dynamics is simply a matter of throwing the horrible factory fitted speakers away and replacing them with these beautiful Italian speakers designed to provide a warm and musical sound instead of the strangled parrot-like squawk you are made to live with when buying a car with standard speakers fitted.


By adding some sound deadening treatment, the sound will be considerably better as it takes care of the area behind the speakers sorting out any rattles, resonances and out of phase reflections which compromise the performance of your speakers, in one swoop. The combined effect of replacing the speakers and adding sound treatment will drastically improve the musicality of your system whatever you listen to and will even improve speech.

Hertz is an Italian brand world renowned for introducing ground breaking technologies to easily affordable product, offering the best sound possible without the effort or expense of adding an external amplifier to your set-up.

The Deici range includes a wide span of sizes and come in coaxial form or as separate components to match the equipment you are replacing. Some potential customers are put off by worries that their speakers are not standard sizes, but our technicians are expert in converting standard positions to take better speakers and in most cases, you wont even see the difference.

You will however, definitely hear the difference as you experience enriched bass tones that you didnt even know your stereo would reproduce you will also benefit from high frequencies which add to the timbre and sibilance of the music ensuring you hear every note, cymbal and breath from your favourite artists. The mid-frequencies are distortion free and rounded but with plenty of attack when listening to drums and electric guitar.

Tuned by human ears, Deici will have you revisiting your music collection and discovering detail you havent heard in your car before.

Music should be rich, deep and intricate, not tinny and hollow. If youre a true music lover, youll want to hear music the way the artist intended.

And if youre not sure where to start, dont sweat it. Pop in, pay us a visit; we have simple and inexpensive solutions.