Key Cloning on the Increase!

With 2015 only a few days old, the new crime wave sweeping the country is the steep increase in key cloning, using techniques such as OBD manipulation. We reported on this in October, but since then, the problem has increased incredibly.

This report from the Evening Standard this morning (Fri, January 16th) shows the true extent of how this problem has greatly increased.

Police officers in one of country’s wealthiest areas ordered to stop ALL drivers of prestige vehicles after midnight following huge spike in ‘hacking’ thefts of luxury 4x4s 

CCTV captured one brazen thief who casually clicking open the lock systems of a Range Rover, worth £85,000, before driving away demonstrates the ease with which criminals are stealing the luxury vehicles.

In another case, property developer Laura van Bilderbeek, 38, had her BMW estate stolen from outside her home on Ormonde Gate in Chelsea last month.

Scotland Yard says thefts of Range Rovers now make up 10 per cent of all ‘keyless’ thefts in the capital – while BMW makes up 15 per cent of the total.

You can prevent these attacks happening on your car.

The ADR card alarm/immobiliser (as we reported in October) is the way forward to prevent against key cloning theft. The card, which conveniently attaches to your keys, sends a passive signal to the car which tells it that the original keys are being used. So if this card isn’t present with the keys, then the car will not open.

This will prevent cloned key entry, because the cloned key will not have the ADR card to confirm the identity of the key.

If you are worried about key theft, then the card can also be stored somewhere else for your peace of mind,

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