Land Rover Defender 2009

Customer Case Study:

Requiring a reversing camera and a head unit with SatNav and DAB, to be fitted into his 2009 Land Rover Defender.

LR Def Front

This vehicle had all the factory OE units installed, and the challenges we faced was the location of the camera, and how to adapt the dashboard to allow a double DIN screen

This is the original system that was installed into the dash:


A panel was ordered to accommodate the new space for the bigger head unit.

On the left is the new double DIN panel, modified to create the space for the bigger head unit, and on the right is the original panel. Notice how a few of the buttons, such as the window buttons, the heated seat buttons and the air conditioning switch have already been moved across.


We then moved the dial surrounds into the new panel, as well as the window heater controls from the top row of buttons. Also moved the vents and the clock, so the panel would look like this:


Next, the radio needed holding into this surround. Metal panels were attached using screws, and then the new head unit. The customer chose (with our guidance) a Pioneer AVIC-F60DAB, as this all-in-one unit has Apple CarPlay, Sat-Nav, Bluetooth, and Digital Radio.


Now with everything in place, the other issue was where to put the leftover buttons from the top of the dash, below the clock and the vents on the top. The double din panel came with another panel that did the job perfectly. To the right of the front of the dash, there is a part of replaceable trim that was replaced, and this was the result:


Notice how the buttons, including the hazard switch, have been moved into this clever little panel just to the left of the steering wheel.

The next challenge was placing the reversing camera. With the Defender being designed for pure off-road usage, it would prove difficult to find a solid location for the camera. We decided to make use of the original pre drilled holes.

Photo 11-03-2015 12 08 33

DSC_0554 (2)

The camera has been placed and secured into one of the original holes in the back of the car. This makes it look factory fitted, and virtually unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

So, with everything in place, it was time to put the finishing touches to the job, and slot the radio into the dashboard. Here’s the finished result:




Notice how everything fits in as well as it being factory. The microphone has been fitted on top of the dash, so the Bluetooth hands-free function can be used with the best sound and reception.


This is the image from the reversing camera. Notice how the placement of the camera allows it to be obstruction free, and give the customer the best possible view when reversing.

We recently upgraded all the lights on the vehicle, added DRL to the front as well as LED bulbs all round. Even Parking Sensors look discreet.

Must admit, helps improve the driving experience as well as the overall look of the vehicle.

If you have a Land Rover Defender, or would like a built in Sat Nav with reversing camera in your own car, then contact us on 01923 231 358, or visit us in the shop to discuss the options.