Mi Witness Accident Recorder

The New Mi Witness HD Vehicle CCTV Accident Recording System has been designed to provide all drivers with the very best protection against fraudulent insurance claims on our roads & lowering Insurance premiums.

 “Using the Mi-Witness, is the only real way to substantiate your claim in the court of law”

Using the Mi witness camera is the only real way to substantiate your claims in the court of law. Drivers have come to realise that, in the absence of other evidence, having a camera onboard may influence a positive outcome in the case of an accident.

While actual results will vary, it’s been reported from various motoring groups that camera systems can dramatically reduce at-risk driving behaviours by up 50-70%. By reducing the at-risk behaviour, the likelihood of an accident is also reduced.

Why Mi Witness?

– Provides irrefutable evidence in the event of a road traffic accident.

– Combats false whiplash claims

– Reduces the time taken to settle a claim.

– Saves protracted lengthy claims when no evidence is available.

– Proven reductions in unsafe driving behaviour

– Has been proven to modify driver behaviour.

– Reduces fleet costs and ensures drivers are abiding by company rules.

– Can be fitted in minutes by any user, or fitted professionally.

– GPS Mapping overlay using Google Earth shows exactly where the vehicle has been.


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