Parrot Minikit Neo

Minikit Neo from Parrot is a voice controlled portable Bluetooth hands-free Carkit.

Make calls and receive calls without needing to touch any buttons on the kit. You can trigger the voice recognition at any time by saying the word Minikit, and this can be followed by saying the name of your contact that you wish to call. When you receive a call, just say Accept or Reject. This kit recognises any voice without the need for any programming, matching or training.

All your contacts on your kit

Synchronisation with your phonebook is automatic and the menu on the Minikit Neo are vocal so you can stay focused on the driving.

Great sound quality

The NXT flat panel technology provides a clear open sound. Combined with a strong amplifier, it delivers a 3W powerful sound. Digital Signal Processing allows a drastic reduction of noise and a strong echo cancellation.

Two phones connected at once

The Multipoint function in the Minikit Neo, allows it to connect to two phones simultaneously. And with Switch function, you can also use both phonebooks to make calls.


With the Bluetooth Audio Streaming (A2DP) feature, you can now listen to all your music on your phone and benefit from the voice commands of your navigation app directly on your kit.

Automatically activated

The kit automatically switches on when you get in your car, and off when you leave your car. All this is possible as the kit integrates a vibration sensor to automatically switch on and off.

Hours of conversation

The kit gives up to ten hours of talk-time, and enjoy six months of standby with Ultra Low Power Mode. Upon request, the Minkit Neo will tell you remaining battery time vocally.

Simple pairing

The kit will guide you through the entire pairing process. Once your phone is paired correctly, Bluetooth connection with the kit remains automatic. If your phone is NFC-compatible, all you have to do is hold it to the Minikit Neo to connect.

Easy update

Benefit from new features or change the language of your Minikit Neo by downloading new software version for free. To update, just drag and drop the software file on the Minikit Neos folder on your computer.

Compact and sleek design

The Minikit Neo combines the best of technology and stylish design. The integrated clipping system is compatible with all sun visors and can be reversed easily with only one hand when fold or unfold the sun visor.