Morel 4″ Coaxial TEMPO ULTRA Integra


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Product Description

Provides great dynamics, soundstage orientation and neutrality – the unique design and sound quality, makes it a great addition to any system.

The new additions to the Tempo series practically elevate the line into another class. . The Tempo Ultra features both 2-way and point source solutions for those music aficionados who demand outstanding sonic performance and power while still getting tremendous overall value.

The Integra, as hinted at by its name, has a speaker with both woofer and tweeter that share a common chassis. Its recessed tweeter is concentrically aligned with the woofer cone, producing a constant and coherent sound field in all directions for a correct phase and improved time-alignment. Whether it is being used for rear-fill or as the main components for a front stage, the Tempo Ultra Integra will offer great dynamics, soundstage orientation and neutrality


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