Vehicle Key Cloning

Last year nearly half of all London car break-ins used Vehicle Key Cloning techniques!

Modern vehicles often have a sophisticated alarm but are susceptible due to Key Cloning techniques such as OBD manipulation.

The cleaver people at Cobra have released the only Cloned Key Alarm/Immobiliser.

The Cobra ADR Card Alarm/Immobiliser gives your car keys a passive digital signature so no cloned key will start the car because the digital signature (ADR Card) needs to be present. Additionally, the cloned Key will not disarm the alarm which will sound when vehicle is presented with a cloned key, warning away the thief.

The ADR card on Cobra alarms (unlike CobraTrak ADR systems) can be conveniently attached to your vehicle key and works passively for your comfort and ease.

However if you would like to guard against key theft, then keep the ADR card separate to your car key and the system will automatically recognise the driver only when they have the ADR card in their possession.

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