Audio Systems


This is a big subject and probably too big to fully discuss here. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your car audio system then there may be a simle answer such as adding a small subwoofer to improve the bass or changing the front speakers to add clarity or an amplifier to drive the speakers more efficiently. In some cars like E series BMW the speaker system is not that good and benefits immensely from an aftermarket upgrade especially if coupled to a modest amplifier. There is no stock answer so discuss your requirements with us and see where it takes you.

These days subwoofers do not have to be big. Speaker systems are made to a variety of price points but remember that if you are to have new speakers installed choose good ones because they cost the same to install as cheap ones. An amplifier is not just to make your system louder – it is to drive the quality speaker system efficiently and by doing so get the best from them. Modern factory head units are often of low power so an upgrade here makes a load of difference.


Install front component speakers£80.00 plus the speakers of choice
Install a subwoofer£80.00 plus the subwoofer of choice
Install an amplifier£80.00 plus an amplifier of choice
BMW E series front spkr upgrade with amp from£750.00 including everything
LR Defender front speaker upgrade£170.00 including everything


It could be 2 or 3 per side. Tweeter, mid range and under seat sub is the best configuration. The power from the head unit is not sufficient to efficiently drive a decent set of speakers so an amp is necessary.

Usually all that is needed is a good quality small subwoofer that would cost no more that £200.00 supplied and fitted. If you want more we can do that too.

Wow we love minis. Every time we do an audio upgrade in one of these the customer is stunned. They are great cars and cry out for good speakers and a small amp. Doesn’t break the bank either. About £300 upgrades the two pairs of speakers and an amp supplied and fitted would be about £250 but the results are fantastic.