Witness Cameras (Dash Cams)


Since the ‘crash for cash’ scams started in the UK witness cameras have gradually become an essential protection device for your no claims bonus. Good quality systems with GPS location, time and vehicle data plus good quality night vision are basic requirements to enable your insurance accident investigator to conclude who was at fault avoiding the old ‘knock for knock’ settlement and retaining your clean insurance record. Top systems record your driving and in the event of an accident (it can sense a ‘bump’ via its detector device) takes that recording and files it in a safe place until needed. Scammers and road rage monkeys don’t like these cameras because they can lead to a conviction so it is no longer a case of ‘my word against theirs’. I addition, top systems stay on guard even when the ignition keys are removed waking up if anyone comes within its range.

There are several models available to suit your vehicle or pocket. Do not bother with cameras that do not meet the criteria mentioned above as you will be wasting your money. We are happy to install your camera purchased elsewhere so long as it is of reasonable quality. We do not guarantee any product that is not supplied by us


Front camera with screen installed£199.00
Thinkware F770 front camera installed£250.00
Thinkware F770 front and rear cameras installed£350.00
Install your front camera£50.00
Install your front and rear cameras£100.00


Because they are among the best products in this category available in the UK. They are stable and reliable and provide a wifi link to your smartphone so that you can view the recordings without removing the SD card. Night vision quality is superb. See the full pictorial specification of the F770 at www.thinkware.com

We offer a service to our customers to remove your witness cameras and hold them for reinstallation in your new car.

There is no guarantee of that but in an accident where you are not at fault you will probably retain your full NCB. Discuss this with your insurer or broker. After all, you will probably be saving them money should you be involved in an accident or scam.

We know of many scams including one that happened to one of our staff in a Company vehicle that resulted in an outrageous claim by a low life scamming family and a cooperating doctor! Now all of our vehicles have witness cameras.